How Syrian refugees and Rodan+Fields fit together...

I am taking on some new work in my life. Very simply, it comes down to two quotes.  

Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.
— Horace Mann, Politician and Education Reformer

That quote has been with me for 20 years.  Whenever I have felt lost in this world, wondering what I was doing, this quote has resurfaced.  I would think, “YES, that is what I should be doing. Trying to win some victory for humanity.” 

The second quote is from my mother.  She said this when I was particularly bereft about climate change, worried that the world wasn't doing enough to solve the problem.  It’s about 10 years old and is edited by memory but goes something like this:

I just don’t think you will be happy until you are doing something about it
— Linda Bayette, Artist and Mom

She was right.  

These two quotes have turned over in my head time and time again during the past 10 years.  During periods when I have felt the disenfranchisement of corporate work, that soul ache that tells me reporting to an office every day isn't making a dent.

For whatever mysterious reason, now is the time for me.  Time to turn these from quotes bubbling in my head to actions I can take.

Enter Rodan+Fields and  It's natural to wonder how these two things go together.  The answer is simply one feeds the other, like the second quote fed the first.

I signed on as a consultant for Rodan+Fields almost two months ago and have kept quiet about it until now.  I wanted to use the full 60-day, empty-bottle policy to try all the products, evaluate how they worked, and consider if this could be the vehicle I use to launch my fundraising work with—and in particular right now, for Refugees in Syria.

So the answers are yes, the products do work. My skin is in better shape, feels better, is softer to touch and my I have given up makeup except for mascara.  So first hurdle crossed.  This is a product I can feel good about sharing with my friends. 

And yes, the refugees in Syria desperately need our help. For reasons I can't explain, I have woken up most days in the past two months with a single thought in mind: "I need to get to Syria next year."  After the humanitarian convoy was bombed, I realized it’s probably not possible as part of a physical mission. But my desire persists, so I will answer the call in the ways I can. has an A+ rating from Charitywatch and a tool that allows you to run your own fundraiser - which is what I will be doing.

These two endeavors come together in that fundraiser.  My Rodan+Fields paycheck will be contributing to my fundraiser for Syria.  

You can join me on my fundraising mission through my page or by purchasing Rodan+Fields products. You can also just contact me and let me know you want to help.  We’ll figure out the rest together.