Maine Wedding Photography 2017


Weddings are back for me in a big way in 2017. As part of my philanthropy efforts in the next year, I will be donating 50% of the proceeds from each wedding. In practical terms, if a couple books a package with me worth $2,000, I give away $1,000. I like to keep the math simple. :)

My wedding photography remains the same, a style I have honed over 10 years in the business: primarily photojournalism interspersed with portraits. To give your images variety, I use both film and digital. And my consultative approach is frank and casual.

If you know of someone who is getting married (is it you?), I would love to hear from them! If you refer a couple who ends up booking a package with me, you receive a free 25-minute photography session in the Portland/Scarborough area. Engagement, family, headshots - your choice. :)

Thank you for reading and for caring about this work!