Get into a scene

I have a nurture goal of being a working artist. Nurture goals are ones you never achieve but are always working at. I won't hit the goal of working artist one day and then be able to close the door on that. I have to work on art every day if I want to be a working artist.

So, I have this nurture goal.

For many people being a working artist would mean that you are making money at the art. This uses the very capitalistic definition of working

Mental or physical activity as a means of earning income; employment.

But I use working to in the DO WORK sense

A thing or things done or made

To be a working artist is to do or make something every day. With that definition in mind, my nurture goal is within my grasp and is something that provides value to my life. Providing value to my life is The Metric I use when evaluating anything in my life.

But every so often I get distracted. I let the idea of getting better and making money at it take over. I start to think that I should let this thing consume me fully so I can then make money at it so I can then rise to the top of the field and on and on. Social media allows you to believe that celebrity is within your grasp and all you need to do is make art and post it online.

I heard the idea of if you want to be a working artist - working as in make money - you are going to need to join a scene. Being a successful working artist in the monetary sense is more about who you know and who can promote your work versus the work you can create.

I can see that. I see lots of illustrators online and then I know people who illustrate. I see no appreciable difference in the work they are doing except that one artist is part of a scene of working artists who can boost each other up and the other is not. Both may befine themselves as working artists but only one is willing to put the same amount of effort into the scene they are in as they are into the art. That helps to convert from working for The Work artist to working for the money artist.

I don't begrudge anyone whichever one they want to be. But exploring this idea helps me remember that I want to be a working artist in the do work sense. It helps free my mind from the stress of the idea that I am not in the right scene, I don't know the right people, etc.

I can just focus on The Work.