Why Choose a Film Session

You may be wondering what the difference between a film session and a digital photography session might be. Well I am here to tell you, its all about the experience.

Shooting film keeps both you and me in the moment. For me, the photographer, shooting digitally means I can shoot and look at the image. Shoot and look, shoot and look. This takes me away from focusing on what is in front of me and has me focused on my camera. Not where I wan too be.

When shooting digitally parents and kids often want to see the image right after. This puts the focus on my camera and the one photography and not on the experience of the session.

If I, or you, or we, focus on the camera then we lose those moment when your family interacts; snuggling closer, holding hands, that sweet moment between siblings. This is when it's really happening.

When you choose film there is no shooting and looking. There is just being in that moment, you as a family and me making that photograph. My only focus is about the story I am telling with my camera - your story as a family.